Use Patio Door Locks

Aug 31st
In a home, patio door locks usually fulfill two basic functions: privacy and security; However, there is a third important function that we have to take into account when choosing the best doors for our home; the decoration and aesthetics. A brown door is an excellent option to reinforce the aesthetics of contemporary spaces, especially if you combine it with…
Screen Door Locks Type

Aug 28th
We are in a time when it seems that the safest or fastest happens to use your fingerprint to, for example, unlock your mobile phone and even to enter work, in this case everything goes through the security required or imposed to carry out some other project. Far from this, the truth is that, as a project in which learning…
What is Door Lock Actuator

Jul 30th
Everyone wants their home to be a safe and protected place. Standard door lock actuator is not proof of fakes and often act as an easy target for thieves. However, with constant advances in technology, there are a lot of new options for locking the door of homes. From more durable locks to biometric systems, security options for the home…
Screen Brinks Door Locks

Jul 25th
We come to the last chapter of our guide: once we have defined the model, size, finish and performance we have to talk about security in terms of the brinks door locks. Mechanical or electronic key? Key long or short? Depending on whether the sheet is inserted inside a building or an independent house also changes the level of security…
Whitcomb Barn Door Locks

Jul 24th
They are five good reasons for choosing a smart electronic barn door locks. First, you have the option to set up a temporary code in the time period others enter the apartment. Second, rental. This is about how brilliant there is to put a temporary code. Today, many want to rent their home when on holiday. Then you can set…
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